Transforming young theatre makers into theatre majors.

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We’re a team of creatives and academics. We perform, teach, dream, and breathe theatre. We all went to college to study our crafts (degrees for days), and we are ready to come alongside you to help you do the same.

14 out of the 17 schools I applied to accepted me. Thank you 🙏🏽 🙏🏽
Ahhhh! Congratulations! 🎉

Meet Leayne

Your Artistic Director / College Counselor

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to check us out.

The college application and audition season is such an exciting time. It’s not without its share of challenges, but that’s where we want to support you. 

We like to walk alongside our students and families from start to finish, removing as much of the stress from this process as possible so that you can focus on your journey. I like to think it’s one of our superpowers. 

​I’m honored you’re considering Theatre Major and hope you’ll let us walk with you this year. 

Leayne Dempsey
CEO, theatre major

Coffee Order Tall Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso or Hot Americano
Favorite Play The Amen Corner by James Baldwin
Favorite Musical Right now: Into the Woods and Wicked.
Favorite Playwright August Wilson
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Our Faculty

Each student at Theatre Major has a hand-picked team of coaches that includes at least one lead coach, and our associate coaches.

Tanairi Vazquez

Lead Dance Coach

Kelsey Rainwater

Lead Acting Coach

Jordan Campbell

Lead Song Interpretation Coach

Why clients love working with Theatre Major

Personalized coaching and college advising from application to acceptance.

Custom College plans to help you stay organized and reach your goals.

Flexible scheduling so you can train when, where, and how it's best for you.


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