Dear Parent of a Future Theatre Major:

There is a college theatre program where your student belongs. We help them get there–from application to acceptance.

A2A: Application to Acceptance is a college audition program that gives your student a collaborative team of advisors and audition coaches–along with a custom MajorTrack™–to support them every step of the way and help remove barriers between them and their dream college program.

where our students have been accepted

–a2a is an international program–

It's no secret:

The process of getting into college programs is complicated and overwhelming–and feels impossible to navigate alone.

Plus: the audition schedule is rigorous. And that’s on top of everything else, like extracurricular activities, rehearsal schedules, and other school demands.

Enter: Theatre Major.


In A2A, we help our students every year discover their most confident + authentic artistic self and succeed

Working with Theatre Major, your student will find the inspiration, discipline, confidence, and *excitement* for their college audition journey.

A2A is designed for the student who...


“The individual attention is what makes Theatre Major different. I never felt alone during this hectic process. If you want to get to know yourself as an artist and a person, Theatre Major is the company for you.”

Jeffrey Cornelius



Marina Jansen

“Let me just tell you: Theatre Major is THE BEST! As someone who had little to no knowledge of the insane Musical Theatre college audition process, they prepped me early and got me organized for everything.

The training from top-notch coaches was amazing and helped me so much with my singing, acting, and dance prescreens. Leayne was always there to answer any questions from both me and my parents and to support me along my journey!

I owe all my success and my commitment to the school I’m attending (Elon MT) to Theatre Major, and cannot recommend them enough!


In A2A, we are committed to you year-round.

The college audition journey is split into 2 semesters. The first semester is everything leading up to Prescreen Weekend and the second semester kicks off with Callback Camp and goes through callbacks + final decision making.

A note from Leayne

We created A2A so that the Theatre Major team and I can best prepare your student for the next stage.

The college application and audition season is such an exciting time. It’s not without its share of challenges, but that’s where we want to support you. 

We like to walk alongside our students and families from start to finish, removing as much of the stress from this process as possible so that you can focus on your journey. I like to think it’s one of our superpowers. 

My hope is that every student who works with Theatre Major not only has a successful college application and college audition journey, but also experiences growth in their craft as artists and storytellers.

I want them to feel confident in who they are and what they bring to each and every audition room.

I want them to know that they have a gift, and no audition outcome can take that away.

You see, what we do here at Theatre Major is one-of-a-kind, and truly special. Your student’s time with us will be transformative. And that’s what makes us different.

​I’m honored you’re considering Theatre Major and hope you’ll let us walk with you this year. 

Leayne Dempsey
CEO, theatre major


Cole Sitilides

“My time with Theatre Major has been absolutely incredible. I signed up at the end of my junior year, and it was the best choice I could've made.

Nobody tells you just how rough the college audition process is, but thanks to Theatre Major, I felt prepared long before I set foot in the audition room.

My advisor was always one text away and personally called to cheer me on as the college acceptances began to roll in–and thanks to Theatre Major, there were a lot of acceptances.

Although the coaches reminded me consistently to own my achievements, I admittedly owe a significant part of my success to the invaluable training and advising I received. Thank you, Theatre Major, for supplying me with all of the tools I need for the college experience I’ve always wanted.”

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Here's what Leayne and alumni say about Theatre Major:

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